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PANAGET, finest French flooring - Exclusive in Jersey by Ollivier Davy Flooring Centre

Founded in 1929, Panaget has become one of France’s top parquet flooring manufacturers, with an annual production of 1.3 million square metres. It has three manufacturing sites, and all of its wood products are transformed in France. Panaget is very much aware of their responsibility to protect the environment and secure the future of the next generations, and this is why they carry out their activities in a way that respects our resources and our customers.


Choose Panaget, and you’re choosing …


... Local sourcing

Panaget use locally sourced wood wherever possible, and manufacture their products at plants in Brittany, France.


… Competitiveness

Panaget offers attractively priced parquet flooring, while maintaining quality and respecting health and environmental standards.


… Quality

Panaget’s Realwood label is the culmination of over eighty years’ experience of producing high-quality real wood parquet flooring. In recognition of their approach to flooring, Panaget have been awarded ISO 9001 (2000) quality certification.


… Sustainability

Panaget use wood from PEFC-certified forests which are continuously replanted for future generations. During production, sawdust is recycled to generate energy for the driers and buildings.


… Safety

Panaget's products are CE marked, guaranteeing compliance with EU legislation, while the varnishes contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the oils are 100% natural. Panaget also pride themselves on ensuring that all materials are fully traceable (compliant with REACH legislation).


… Respect for individuals

Panaget work with independent organizations to implement occupational health and safety initiatives. This enables Panaget to make constant improvements to the health and safety conditions of all staff at Panaget production sites.



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